Handmade Oxidized Copper Wire Woven Maligano Jasper Pendant Necklace – Handmade By Christina

Oxidized Copper Wire Woven & Maligano Jasper Pendant

$ 88.00

Wire Woven Maligano Jasper...

A fossilized stromatolite algae. A supremely nurturing and powerful stone, providing protection and absorbing negative energy. The perfect stone for soothing anxiety and calming the nerves.

This is part of a collection of a new design that just sort of happened. I am so please with the complexity and how elegant this design is, but what really makes it is the stone.  This Maligano Jasper pendant just pops with color in contrast with the oxidized copper.

The pendant itself is approximately 2" tall

This pendant hangs off an 18" ball chain.  If you need it longer or shorter please contact me and let me know!

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