Artisan Oxidized Copper Wire Woven Palm Root Agate Tree Of Life – Handmade By Christina

Oxidized Copper Wire Woven Spectrolite Labradorite Tree Of Life Pendant

$ 150.00

The Tree Of Life is a symbol of rebirth.  A trees leaves die off in the winter, but as the season changes new leaves and flowers bud and the tree indeed lives on, sometimes for thousands of years. It is a great metaphor representing a new beginning and a fresh start.

This Tree of Life Pendant Necklace, featuring a beautiful, big Spectrolite Labradorite, really makes a statement. Spectrolite shows a wide variety of colors within the same stone. It’s just absolutely stunning. Its teardrop shape adds a sort of elegance to it.

This pendant hangs off an 18" ball chain.  If you need it longer or shorter please contact me and let me know!

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